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When Gold Melts With Diamonds!

It would not be wrong to say that Hiren Parekh, Director, Shilpa Lifestyle, masters the art of creating a niche brand. From devising unique techniques to ensure the exclusivity of designs to packaging and marketing them for select clients, he has hit the bull’s eye in branding ‘Chocolate Diamond Jewellery’. When talking to Floroscent, he went gaga over his collections – from calling them high-end to terming one-of-its-kind but yet we felt, these ingeniously put together pieces are short of superlatives they deserve. So before you adjudge Parekh’s words as yet another marketing rant and flip the page, behold the visuals of his creations. You’ll definitely want to know more.

Chocolate Diamond Jewellery was introduced to the gem and jewellery industry in 2014. Since its inception, we have been adding a new collection each year. With that pace, now there are in all three unique collections – Retro (antique looking pieces); Legacy (intricate contemporary designs) and Eyes On (only diamonds) under its brand name. Keeping up with the tradition, the fourth one – Madhura, is slated to be unveiled in September at the Delhi Couture show.

Barely a three-year-old brand, Chocolate Diamond Jewellery is already creating waves across the length and breadth of India. But in south India, which is our core market, the brand has struck a stronger chord with jewellery connoisseurs. They are always inquisitive about what Chocolate has to offer next! Firstly, because the name itself is unique – Chocolate; it immediately clicks with the audience. Secondly, we create masterpieces in gold that are crafted in such a way that others can’t replicate, thus the jewellery range is high on rarity quotient.

A lot has gone into establishing the exclusivity of this kind. We hired over 78 Bengali artisans who specialise in antique and handmade jewellery. For the first three months, our in-house diamond karigars trained them to fuse gold and diamonds. We also set up two factories in our own premises. The most challenging part of the whole process was how to make this product into 18k gold. To achieve that, we employed special artisans who could mould the pieces with 18k gold. Since our collections are 100 percent handmade and not casted ones and that we do not use CAD/CAM like software tools but instead go the traditional way of sketching on papers, we offer pieces that no one can recreate. Unlike others, Chocolate Diamond Jewellery highlight diamond portions in 11 prong and 14 prong – the setting that were used 20 years ago and rare today. It’s time-consuming but worth it!

Positioned as a high-end brand, the Chocolate range of jewellery is put to show only on two occasions round the year – the IIJS Signature and the Delhi Couture show. Although it is available pan-India, it can be procured only from some select retail outlets. You will also notice some variations in designs from region to region; this is done to imbibe the cultural essence of the place. Down south, customers have already taken a shine to Chocolate and prefer it over vilandi and polki makes. While vilandi and polki too are made in 18k gold, Chocolate’s unique designs in 18k with IGI certified diamonds gives it an edge over the other two since it is high on transparency and buy-back potential.

The idea of launching Chocolate was conceived when as a retailer with two stores in Rajkot, we noticed that the market is flooded with run-of-the-mills designs. No vendor has anything unique to offer. They all looked the same. They were either CAD/CAM or casted jewellery. No innovation in design or technique was being introduced in the business. The worst part is that wi


thin the next three to four months after a CAD/CAM designs are out, it is all over the place in CZ. The thought of blending gold and diamond together thus, occurred to me. I started designing fusion jewellery from the mid of 2013 and by 2014, we were ready with a never-before-seen range of Chocolate Diamond Jewellery.

With its high rarity proposition, Chocolate is sure to grow strength to strength and thus, we are all set to go big with one more factory by merging of two units with three-storeyed structure and most importantly, eco-friendly amenities. What’s more! Besides the workshop, the building will also house an oxygen room and an entertainment zone for our karigars to rejuvenate.

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