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The Making of Masterpieces…

Having created some of the timeless pieces, Sarika Naheta, director, Jaipur Jewels, is all set to adorn the brides in the upcoming wedding season with her latest collection to be launched by August-end. Intricately designed for the brides to look their best on their D-day, the pieces can be worn on any occasion. This has been the specialty of her creations – while they are unique, they are versatile too. Why else Jaipur Jewels have been one of the leading jewellery house in the country!   

Developing magnificent designs since seven generations, Jaipur Jewels has evolved from creating the finest jewellery for royalty to being one of India’s oldest families in the jewellery industry, today. A journey that began 150 years ago with creating unique and classic masterpieces has transformed into an innovative jewellery brand and is now looking forward to opening 15 boutique stores in the next three years throughout India.

Taking the legacy ahead
My vision is to keep designing and building collections that are unique and first-of-its-kind. Creating timeless and bespoke collections is what I am working towards now. Moreover, I want to implement international standards of working and designing in India.

Influenced by time and traditions
While Jaipur Jewels is renowned for the traditional jadau jewellery, my designs are contemporary yet have the traditional influence. I draw my inspiration from nature and the international trends. When working on a particular collection, the designs are influenced by the theme and philosophy of the collection. For example, inspired by wings, the Myga collection was designed for the invincible brides of today. My jadau designs are inspired by the Mughal era, while the diamond ones are influenced by the modern Indian culture.

Training, techniques and taste
Since childhood, the creative space has been my forte and I have always had an inclination towards Indian art and culture. I strongly believe that designs create culture, culture shapes values and values determine the future. A formal training into manufacturing and designing helped me to further enhance my unconventional skills. I love colours and precious gemstones like emerald, rubies, sapphire and semi-precious stones like amethyst, aquamarines, spinals, peridots, etc. At Jaipur Jewels, we use gemstones along with diamonds to create exquisite pieces in a way that amplifies the glory of the stone. I love to create designs which are a complete epitome of style and elegance. For techniques, I use hand-sketched designs and CAD designs to create hand-made jewellery pieces. It is extremely important for a designer to have knowledge of manufacturing and materials. It is one thing to create exclusive designs but to make it come to life is another thing. Knowledge of manufacturing gives an edge to the designer.

Beauty is in the details
It is with this reverence that we treat each diamond – giving it the perfect balance of design and creativity. Care is put into the smallest detail, from cut to intricacy of the setting. Our design studio houses some of the country’s most experienced, creative and committed craftsmen with an eye for detail. At our state-of-the-art design studio, we have generations old craftsmen who use their experience to make each piece flawless and timeless. We also have our QC department where each piece is tested for perfection. As a corporate company, we need to provide craftsmen with better facilities so that their interest in carrying forward their forefathers’ legacy is retained and we continue to get brilliant craftsmen.

Adorning the women of today
The Jaipur Jewels’ woman is an embodiment of self-confidence, grace, adventure, ambition, self awareness, regality and invincibility. She knows who she is and what she wants and she is ready to go for it. She has many sides to her personality. She is fun and playful but is also powerful and ambitious. She is gentle and delicate but fierce when she needs and wants to be. She is adventurous and isn’t afraid to take risks and yet is calm, serene and carefree. Moreover, consumers have now become more experimental, as they are now largely exposed to international designs. Earlier the brides would stick to classic designs but today, they prefer pieces that are unique and bespoke.

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