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Swarnmandir : Ensuring exquisite craftsmanship and supreme quality

Tumkur-based Swarnmandir Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of studded gold jewellery with CZ’s and diamonds. Established in 1985, the company has a meticulous combination of skilled workforce and a committed research and development team to bring out the desired designs in latest trends. Here, we point out the dedicated efforts and timely innovation that have made the company stand out in the jewellery industry.

When it comes to running a successful jewellery business, Swarnmandir Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd., Tumkur stands for three key principles: quality products, innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Mastering all the three aspects of this business in its journey of over three decades, it’s no wonder that the company has established a highly acclaimed reputation for itself in India as well as overseas. Launched in 1985 in Tumkur, Karnataka as a retail outlet with a small workforce, Swarnmandir grew into a large manufacturing unit in Tumkur and employs over 350 people today.

Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar P, chairman and managing director, Swarnmandir Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd., Tumkur started the business of pawn broking in 1985. Later, he moved into the retail jewellery segment and opened a jewellery outlet with the name of Kishor Jewellers. Since he wanted to sell what customers’ want, the business mainly focussed on selling customised jewellery to the clients in Tumkur. For the same, he would meet various karigars and that was the start of the manufacturing operations. Over the time, the business grew from 50 to 100 and from 100 to 200 and 300 karigars. With a huge manufacturing base in-house, he closed down the retail arm completely and moved into a full-fledged manufacturing business with Swarnmandir in 2000.

“We closed the retail business as Tumkur did not have that potential for the jewellery retailing. Having many kilos of stock in hand, we didn’t have much potential business of retail walk-ins. I thought that when we have creativity, workers in-house, why shouldn’t we produce jewellery and supply it to those who are already doing business well. Then, we started mass production and became the only manufacture in Tumkur,” says Kishore Kumar P, chairman and managing director, Swarnmandir Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd., Tumkur.

Divine inspiration

Today, Swarnmandir has crossed many milestones and successfully presented enriched designs with unmatched craftsmanship and has earned a reputation par excellence. Sharing his fascination for the gem and jewellery industry, he said that “From our family, I was the first one to start the jewellery business. The yellow metal was the inspiration for me to get into the gem and jewellery industry. At that time, investment in gold was very popular. People wanted to invest in gold. My belief was that the gold metal will be the only currency that will last. Moreover, I’m passionate about making idol covers, idols and temple body works and art,” he added.

Robust infrastructure

Swarnmandir’s manufacturing facility in Tumkur is a state-of- the-art set-up and employs over 350 designers, highly skilled artisans and workers who are trained to deliver the most aesthetically appealing and quality designs.

“Most of the manufacturers are having manufacturing facilities based on their specialisation. But we are having a complete set-up, from metal to jewellery making, under one roof in Tumkur. Metals comes in, we make the jewellery and promote it through various advertisement and promotional mediums. It’s almost 25,000 sq ft of manufacturing area that we have. We use CAD designs and have in-house 3D printers. We don’t outsource any kind of work. We have the best hand master karigars who are trained in special moulding of the metal. So, when we have some work related to nature, flora and fauna like peacock or lion faces, our hand master and CAD team, both work hand in hand to make the products. Since the beginning, the business has grown almost 300 per cent. Initially, the company supplied to small retailers but with time, we have broadened our clientele with several corporates and retailers onboard,” he added.     


Swarnmandir stands out in terms of quality, efficiency and innovation. The company constantly strives to differentiate and add value to its jewellery through unique customisation services, thus getting a special place in the minds of its huge clientele. Over the years, Swarnmandir has created many trends and revived traditional jewellery styles.

In the past three years, Swarnmandir has started with a new product named Thali Chains – South Indian mangalsutras. “When we started manufacturing, there was a scattered production of Thali Chains. It was not organised in South India and was being produced in very low quantity. We started with that quality and quantity. Today, in South India, we probably are the only manufacturer that is supplying that many designs, that high quality and in that much quantity. We completely recreated this segment. When a regular retailer gave an option of say 40 to 50 chains, we gave them an option of 600-700 chains in ready stock and in designs which ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 designs so that is how we transformed that particular market. Our motto is – you name it, we have it,” he emphasised.

Swarnmandir also boasts of temple work in its portfolio. “Everybody knows that there is a factory and it is Swarnmandir. If you ask me what we developed in Tumkur, it would be all the work for all the nearby temples in Tumkur. We did their crowns, body works, door, entry points, etc. We would take inspiration from the temple work and their antiquities. It has influence on our regular jewellery as well,” he elaborated.

Nurturing relationships

Aditya Kumar

Known for their craftsmanship, quality and elegance, Swarnmandir stresses on building strong ties with all the stakeholders to establishing teamwork that meet diverse requirements of its valued clients and keep them happy. “Building trust has never been a problem for us. For new clients may be it takes a little bit of convincing, otherwise we offer all kind of deals to the clients. We have a long established history of maintaining long-term relationships with clients. They trust us completely. They pay a kind of premium today to our studded jewellery, even though they have other retailers in the market. As we provide the best quality products in CZ jewellery, there is trust and that has been working for us until today,” he pointed out.

“We are the only manufacturer of gems and jewellery in Tumkur. All of our staff is Bengali. In fact, every Bengali karigar working in Tumkur today is working for us. Also, Tumkur is a very small community and here, everyone knows each other. Cherishing our past dealings when we were in the retail business, our clients come to us with a personal touch. A lot of them are our prime clients even today. They are end-customers but we still deal with them out of the loyalty they had shown towards us when we were into retailing. They continue to give their inputs. That, along with customer reviews, helps us develop jewellery for the end-customers,” he explained.

Quality is paramount

Since its inception, the strength of Swarnmandir is quality. Fast forward to 2017, the same allegiance to quality is still in full force. Kishore Kumar recalled an incident: “One of the clients had questioned the quality of our bangles. To demonstrate the strength of the stone setting, I threw the bangle on to the wall. I was very much confident about the product quality and my work at that time. I threw the jewellery piece on the wall, told him to pick it up and asked to check if even one stone of it has come off. Quality is the main thing. That is the only reason that we are standing today. That time was different, as the price of the yellow metal was very low and people wouldn’t think of the weightage of the gold. But now, times have changed. People look for lightweight jewellery, as metal prices have gone up. Even today, we maintain the quality by adopting specialised manufacturing process.”

Beyond business

The company has started recruiting students from JSS College in Mysore. These are specially-abled students, with speaking and hearing impairment and are being trained in CAD design. “It is a tedious task but we will go that extra mile so that we can help the institute. We are doing our best to rope in those students in our industry. They are being rejected everywhere but are ready to do any kind of work in the industry. They are that passionate about the jewellery industry,” he shared.

What’s next?

With values like passion, creativity and optimism, the company is moving in the right direction. Plans are in place to extend tie-ups with distributors and retailers in North India, as well as across the country.

“Currently, our facility in Tumkur is a complex building and it is situated in the interiors of the city. So, we would like to move into a SEZ, nearby Tumkur itself and maximise our production. We also want to do an end-to-end business. Today, when the karigars come in, we provide them accommodation elsewhere. We would like to provide them everything at one place. Moreover, we want to expand our reach in the North Indian market. Although we have started exports in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai, we wanted to cater to other centres as well,” he concluded.

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