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Pursuing his craft for well over 12 years, Aakash Barmecha, Creative Director and Jewellery Designer, Yoube Jewellery Ltd, Mumbai is a renowned name in the world of gems and jewellery. His brand Yoube Jewellery boasts of some of the exquisite designs that make for an excellent case for innovations. From designing and conceptualising to manufacturing luxury jewels, he champions them like a boss. Read on to know more about the creative force behind the industry’s most sought-after design studio.

Jewellery designing is my passion. I have always wanted to create jewellery so it is like pursuing my passion rather than a job. I love making pieces that allow clients to express themselves but I also like creating designs that provoke the idea of how jewellery should be worn.

My jewellery comes from the intent focus on an intuitive and sensitive approach to the micro details of making processes. This attention to detail, combined with the innovative use of the materials, define my approach and strong aesthetic appeal, forming an alternative point of view on the boundaries between art and design.

I don’t have a specific design style. If you develop a design style you are bound and if you are bound, you cannot innovate. I prefer clean geometric styles but I also love ornate and decorative forms. The design style depends on why I am designing – whether it’s a fancy thought that just came up and I feel like adding it to my collection or if it’s for a specific client or if it’s for another jeweller who is looking for designs with mass appeal. My collection is unique because it is eclectic, you can find all styles of jewellery, made of various materials. It’s a passion to create jewellery that goes beyond conventional categories and offers unique ways of adornment, jewellery with an element of movement, jewellery that dances to the rhythm of your body.

But jewellery design is not just about design. It should be ensured that you are well-versed with manufacturing techniques, technology and limitations, before taking the plunge. Focus on creating new categories of jewels rather than working on traditional templates. It is a time where price points are very important; make sure the jewels are as much value for money as they are pretty to look at.

To develop this in-depth understanding of the business, I first got trained in a traditional goldsmith set-up, then a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produced some of the biggest jewellery labels in the world with a mass manufacturing export-based company and finally, qualified as a graduate gemmologist from GIA. I never got into jewellery, I was born for it.

Today, my brand – Yoube Jewellery, is conveniently nestled in South Bombay’s Lower Parel. Spread over 8,000 square feet, it houses an innovative design studio, a sophisticated manufacturing unit and a luxurious boutique. A visit to this charming and private place promises an elite, discreet and bespoke jewellery shopping experience.

As a designer, I aim at delivering avant-garde designs and fabricate them in my in-house manufacturing unit. The whole process is supervised meticulously to provide a superior finish. Each hand-crafted piece makes for a treasured heirloom that can be handed down through the generations. Therefore, I start with a one-on-one interaction with my patrons to get an outline of their tastes, age, preferences and perspectives. This approach enables me to ideate and create jewels that are truly a personal statement.

Apart from the custom-makes, my brand also boasts of a collection that features an array of statement pieces, from stunning pendants to precious-stone necklaces, signature bracelets and rings, making them perfect for any occasion, from engagements to weddings, birthday gifts or even if you simply want to indulge yourself.

My studio also undertakes orders and consignments from companies as well as individuals. Orders for singles or in bulk are undertaken depending on the availability of the stones, quality and colours chosen by the clients. My jewellery designs have been well appreciated across the country. I have participated in several jewellery exhibitions and fashion shows and also staged my own successful exhibitions.

As of now, I am mostly working with the usual gold, silver, diamond and gemstone combinations. Other than baroque pearls, cabochons of various gemstones and diamond briolettes, I am even enjoying working with materials such as wood, resin, silk and alternate met.

 (As told to Floroscent)

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