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J.P. Exports: Dynamic Leadership with Vision and Action

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The J.P. Exports story is about a company with a distinctive thinking and distinctive products that in just a few years has made the exceptional journey from a retail outlet to an international jewellery company. For someone who has been credited with the helping to grow J.P. Exports into a well known company it is today, Founder and Managing Director, Chetan  Satikunvar has strong passion and insatiate hunger for taking his company to global level.

Established in 2008, J.P. Exports is one of the largest manufacturers and supplier of CNC Bangles and CNC Bands from Rajkot (Gujarat). Today its activities are spread across the entire value chain from sourcing, jewellery manufacture, distribution, and branding India and abroad.

After gaining handful experience of gems & jewellery trade, Chetan, first generation entrepreneur, believed that there was scope for start my own company specialising in good quality jewellery. In 2008 because of his confidence in ability to choose the right products and sell them, Chetans tarted J.P. Exports.

“35 years ago, I entered into gems & jewellery business with a vision to deliver great customer service, quality products and competitive prices. Over the years I have built up many strong relationships, earned trust and status of symbol in the jewellery trade.”

A first generation entrepreneur requires to run on an ideology to succeed in the long run. He has to have passion, hunger, innovative business plans and complete dedication to succeed. An entrepreneur needs to make sure he is meeting the right people. The network developed can get him more and more work by just a spread of word. He needs to keep a track on what his customer’s wanted and create products or services according to their demands.

“I, as first generation entrepreneur, try to be a coach and a leader to give my team the tools they need to be successful and motivate them to grow because they are the ones who execute the vision of the company. I attribute my success to entire team and support of family members.”

“For the future growth of the company, we are planning to hire professionals and to open more units and offices in India and abroad (Gulf & USA) to improve our overall efficiency and to serve customers just in time.”

Chetan  believes that “In the current scenario there is vast scope of branded jewellery in market. Customer’s awareness about the right kind of products gave us inspiration to build business in jewellery industry. I think branded jewellery’s contribution to jewellers overall profitability will continue to grow.”

“The industry is in a transitional phase and shift from traditional to fashion is felt everywhere. This means we must be on our toes, innovating, upgrading technology and coming up with new ideas to draw customers”

J.P. Exports deals in vast range of CNC bangals, wedding brands and Rajkot varieties. High quality, purity and precision manufacturing are the hallmarks of the J.P. Exports. Company gives importance to every minute  details in an order, irrespective the size of order;.

J.P. Group started with just a retail outlet with the name of “J.P.  Jewellers” in Rajkot in 1982 by Chetanbhai  with his three elder Ashok Satikunvar, Harkishan Satikunvar, Vijay Satikunvar. “Being the youngest among brothers, I was not much burdened with work initially. But constant observing my elder brothers as role models over the years, made me realize that hard work is the key to success.”

Jewellery industry is at the crossroads because it faces multiple challenges specific customer needs, volatility in prices, currency fluctuation, retaining clients and uncertainty caused by global causes. “I love challenges and welcome it as an opportunity to learn and become better. My response to every challenge is to always remain positive and believe in the fact. But it’s a great trade to be in with the vast majority of jewellery people reasonable and helpful when problems crop up.” Chetan concluded.


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