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“We do not grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges!”

Rajendra Jain, Managing Director, Swarovski Gemstones, India loves challenges and has a penchant to take the path less travelled. His motivation towards the brand Swarovski and the Indian gem and jewellery industry that embodies his personality is hard to miss. Thanks to his business acumen, determination and perfectionism, Swarovski Gemstones occupies top spot in India and therefore, it did not come as a surprise when he was honoured with the trophy of Swarovski Spirit Award 2017 recently. To mark the celebration of his spectacular victory, Floroscent’s Praveer Sinha spoke to him at length about his success mantra, Swarovski’s unequalled branding and what’s more in store for its patrons.

Floroscent: Congratulations on wining the Swarovski Spirit Award 2017 recently. Please share your experience and elaborate more on your association with Swarovski and the journey of the brand in India over the years.

Rajendra Jain: The Swarovski Spirit Award 2017 is the most prestigious and special reward for me and my team. I am proud to be a brand ambassador of Swarovski in India. I dedicate this award to my team, wholesalers, dealers and branding partners in India. The company has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last decade, during which we have efficiently executed the product and marketing strategy, including better-quality communication and brand building. Today, Swarovski Zirconia is the market leader in the cubic zirconia premium segment in India. Thanks to our customers in India for their trust and confidence in our brand and products.

Floroscent: What Swarovski Gemstones stands for as a brand?

Rajendra Jain:  Swarovski is a company whose reputation for innovation, cutting precision, unrivalled quality and service, has been at the forefront of the international market since 1895. Today, Swarovski applies more than 120 years of technical expertise and creative vitality to a vast and colourful world of inspiring products and since 1965, is also a trusted manufacturer and supplier of precision cut genuine gemstones and created stones for a host of international brands, designers, and manufacturers within the fine and bridge jewellery, watches, eyewear and related industries.

As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the Swarovski Gemstones Business leads the field worldwide, employing only the finest raw materials and the strictest manufacturing standards to conceive its genuine gemstones and created stones. Each stone, ranging from precious sapphires to coloured gemstones as well as zirconia, is crafted to satisfy the strictest manufacturing standards for cut, colour and brilliance. Zirconia from Swarovski convinces with its superior brilliance. Only the finest raw materials and the most precise cutting techniques are used in the production of these stones, reflecting a continuous commitment to technical perfection.

Each year, Swarovski launches a new collection of cuts and colours to help explore the creative boundaries of design. Gemstones from Swarovski are unique in their character and quality, from the day they leave the factory workshop, to the moment customers hold them in their hands. With a solid heritage to draw from and a creative vision to follow, Swarovski is a steadfast partner for a brilliant future. Take a closer look at our stones, be inspired by our brand and add your own personal chapter to our continuing story.

Floroscent: What has worked for Swarovski Gemstones and how would you differentiate Swarovski Gemstones from other Cubic Zirconia brands in the market?

Rajendra Jain:  With so much focus placed on the jewellery industry catering to millions of people, it comes as no surprise that the Indian market has become a major success story for Swarovski Zirconia. By creating strong desires in end consumers for jewellery studded with Swarovski Zirconia has helped us in making a separate product brand category for Swarovski Zirconia next to diamond. The Swarovski Gemstones Business has applied extensive branding and marketing activities to generate strong brand awareness and is proud of its current high-profile presence in India’s fine and bridge jewellery industries. Swarovski also places extreme emphasis upon the development of close partnerships with its customers in order to provide them with personalised product solutions and services. Through trend forecasting, concept and design consultancy, application and technical support and a range of communication services, business partners are provided with a completely balanced tool kit to effectively integrate Swarovski Zirconia into their designs, product development, production and marketing processes. The industry as a whole is supported through various initiatives, such as events and media cooperation.

Floroscent: How Swarovski is striking a chord with the millennial buyers in India?

Rajendra Jain:  The iconic brand is perhaps the most recognisable fashionistas. As said, a good design is the soul of the jewellery piece and Swarovski adds life to every piece. Swarovski’s ground-breaking collaborations and trusted partnerships have always sparked the imagination of designers, fashion and jewellery brands, couturiers, artistes and architects with its crystals, zirconia and gemstones becoming part of truly sensational experiences, both personal and cultural. Swarovski Gemstones branding partners combine and collaborate, resulting in the birth of a new product offspring that consumers go crazy for and that enhances the reputation of each as a valuable purveyor of products.

Floroscent: Over the years, what changes have you seen in India with regards to the demand pattern of Cubic Zirconia? Has the demand increased in the recent years?

Rajendra Jain:  For millennia, India’s enduring love affair with jewels and jewellery has been an important inspiration to the world, reaching out across land and sea to forge an exciting, glittering bridge between east and west. India and jewellery are irrevocably linked, an expression of the very heart and soul of our country where gemstones and jewellery pieces are prized for the rich wealth of meaning they bring to age-old ceremonies and celebrations, foremost of which are weddings. This reverence also extends to the treasured craftsmen who create these esteemed pieces and have developed numerous diverse goldsmithing and gemstone setting techniques throughout India’s many regions. With so much focus placed on the jewellery industry catering to millions of people, it comes as no surprise that the Indian market has become a major success story for Swarovski Zirconia. This attention to detail has contributed to making Swarovski Zirconia a favourite category next to diamond amongst retailers as well as the all-important end consumers in the Indian market.

Floroscent: What’s your prediction for the gem and jewellery market in the near future, given all the challenges it has faced during recent times? 

Rajendra Jain:  We do not grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges! I see India as the largest jewellery manufacturing hub in the world and the highest export and revenue generating industry for the government of India in the near future. I am looking forward to seeing India as a global brand and it becomes so credible that globally every jeweller proudly use ‘made in India.’

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