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KKM GOLD: The Successful Journey

KKM Gold, name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, is renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesaler. Backed by the team of highly experienced individuals and utmost service, KKM Gold has earned an identity and has been the source pleasure for winning the admiration from customers PAN India. It is a house of innovative designs and wide range of CZ and plain gold casting jewellery in 18K,20K,22K.

When Ankur Rungta became the Director of KKM Gold in 2008, he had the vision to be known globally. In one on one conversation with Manpreet Kaur of Floroscent, he talks about the initial days of his work, about the beginning, the journey and the finer details about how he consistently strives to reach his destination, at the same time inspiring his team to do the same.

The Beginning

KKM Gold deals with the production of Gold and Casting jewellery. Initially when Ankur started, his production wasn’t much, but later expanded and now it is quite good. The work force comprises of almost 100 people and the supply is all over India in the cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerela, and Madhya Pradesh.

The initial days were of course tough. From working in just one city to having difficulty in finding the right customers. They marketed in every possible way. KKM Gold started exhibiting their products, one of which was in Signature IIJS first. From there they accelerated quite smoothly and started getting customers from all over India.

Keeping at Pace with Changing Times

There is definitely no doubt that there is nothing stopping this gentleman! His goal is to expand to each and every part of India. Apart from the conventional methods of marketing and advertising, he is also at pace with the present scenario that focuses largely on technology. The next step that KKM Gold plans to take is about adopting different and innovative marketing strategies as well as various mobile applications in order to sell their products. The vision for the coming next years, for this company is to be known on the digital platform as well.

KKM Gold wants to focus on the ease of access for their customers. With the new app, the people will be enabled to place an order at just a tap of a button. So, the expansion of the business is not just limited to the different parts of the country, but also in terms of marketing and production. So basically, everyone is working with the technology, production and designing as one collective unit.

The Team and Workforce
KKM Gold is famous for their marvelous collection of Antique Gold Jewellery, Diamond Gold Jewellery and White Gold Jewellery. The beautiful designs reflect the amazing craftsmanship of the skilled designers at the KKM Gold, and Ankur Rungta doesn’t hesitate to give the deserved credit to his entire team. The people who were working with him in 2008 are still on board! So basically, the production is the team work.

Jewellery Business Then and Now

According to Ankur, the jewellery industry has changed drastically since the past 2 decades. It has been observed by him that the demand has increased by 20 percent, per year and this has majorly worked in his favor, because the demand for his products is also increasing. One of the major reasons that Ankur states is that making of the handmade jewellery is a slow process, so people are willing to explore and invest more in the casting jewellery as it is a fast process.

Another great change according to Ankur since he joined the industry is that people are gaining more confidence in buying gold jewellery. And are not hesitating much in investing in the jewellery. Even after demonitisation, people think that a better investment is in gold. So, the demand of the gold jewellery is increasing even if the price is increasing. That is also responsible for bringing in improvement in the business. Their products lies in the affordable range and is not seen as something that only few can buy. The individual price of one ring or one pendant set lies in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000. So this make their products to be in huge demand.

KKM gold is now planning to surprise their customers. They are investing in fine machinery from Italy and their latest collection comprises of the Italian Wedding Bands. Very soon they will be exhibiting that as well. Staffed with latest machines and leading technology, they make certain that the material we use is as per the stated norms and meet the international standards.

Core Competency and Unique Selling Preposition

KKM Gold doesn’t only focus on achieving their vision and goals or on their customers. They also focus on what they offer to their customers and how they deliver it. They never compromise with their standards of Core Competency and Unique Selling Preposition. Ankur takes pride in delivering the orders before the deadlines. They don’t overshoot our delivery date. Apart from quality and design, they focus on delivery time as well and strive on maintaining its consistency. They are backed with highly experience packaging experts and team members who ensure that the packaging is done with utmost proficiency and keeping in mind the globally accepted norms. In order to ensure the safety of the products, they carefully store the lot under hygienic conditions and safe environment. Moreover, the lot is stringently and regularly checked by the experts. Far-famed for the excellent diamond gold jewellery, they are a notable supplier thriving on the customers’ trust for a long time now.

Not only this, the company is also committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment Responsibility. All the employees at KKM Gold who are working with Ankur, are committed towards CSR in some or the other way. They provide money for the education of the children, covering medical insurance, etc. They also provide clean water in the factory and healthy food and are trying to do their best in the present scenario.

On Decision Making and Happiness
The journey till now had not been a very easy one for Ankur and he had to make many important and difficult decisions. His most important decision was about training his current employees. He wanted to have a team of loyal employees and didn’t want to keep on changing the employees. He gave his employees the vision and train them in achieving it by teaching them the key skills and methodologies. The most difficult decision was about generating the way and method to expand throughout India and not just be a local seller. Keeping in mind the constraints such as the demand and supply and devising a plan for the expansion comprised of several instances where a tough call had to be made. And he succeeded in doing it, which is his greatest accomplishment as well.

Ankur’s idea of perfect happiness is that one should never be satisfied, but one should always be happy. One should always have the hunger to learn more and more in order to prove one’s ability and not for gaining popularity or money.

With that spirit and passion to learn, Floroscent wishes Ankur Rungta all the success for his future endeavors.



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