“In the next five years, Jaipur will become the hub for colourstone jewellery in the world”

Since 1927, Jewellers Association Jaipur is at the forefront to give all the possible support to the gem and jewellery industry and its members in achieving their goals and collectively, establishing Jaipur as a hub for gems and jewellery. At the sidelines of the Jewellers Association Show (JAS-17), Nirmal Kumar Bardiya, president, Jewellers Association Jaipur talks to Floroscent to provide a comprehensive view of the gem and jewellery industry in Jaipur.

How was the 11th edition of JAS-17? Are the expectations from the show met?
The JAS-17 was highly successful. This year, a new breed of buyers visited the show from various parts of the country and we have received a good response in our B2B format. People were eagerly waiting for the show, as the buying season is about to begin. The efforts made by the organising committee to bring in new buyers to the show have paid off really well. It also succeeded in attracting buyers from out of Jaipur to the show. Although the size of booths and footfalls were more or less the same as that of the last year, the amount of business transacted at the show increased manifold.

Can you throw some light on the size and stature of Jaipur’s gems and jewellery industry?
The gem and jewellery industry in Jaipur gives employment to over three lakh people directly and indirectly. The industry is exporting products to the tune of Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000 crore each year.

What changes have you noticed in the gems and jewellery industry of Jaipur in the last few years?

Earlier, the city of Jaipur was famous as an emerald city. But today Jaipur is fast becoming an important centre for jewellery manufacturing. This transformation is a result of the new breed of jewellery designers in the city. More and more design institutes have opened in the city and students are taking a good amount of interest in jewellery designing. Hence, Jaipur is emerging as a colourstone jewellery making hub. In the last five years, the industry in Jaipur has witnessed a huge transformation. For example, the Sitapura Industrial Area has presented huge scope for exports. A lot of world level trade channels have opened up in the city.

Do you think the present infrastructure for gemstones certification in Jaipur is adequate?
Being the hub of gemstones in the country, there is an immediate need to build infrastructure for gemstone certification in Jaipur. More and more international certification labs should come to Jaipur. Although GTL – one of India’s biggest and authentic laboratory, is based in Jaipur, its branding on an international level is needed. International buyers should be made aware of GTL and its services so that the certificate issued by GTL gets an international recognition. Today, a lot of people are sending their goods to Hong Kong and other markets for international certification. It takes a lot of time and money. Hence, it is time to not only set up international labs in Jaipur but also promote GTL in the international market.

Jaipur is hosting the ICA Congress after 14 years. What will be the main agenda of the ICA?
The International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA) Congress was last held in 2003 in Jaipur. It was highly successful. Every two years, the ICA took place in different countries. ICA is the biggest association of colourstones trade in the world. People from over 30 countries participate at the meet. Jaipur is once again hosting the ICA Congress on 21-24 October, 2017. We are expecting 200 international registrations and 100 registrations from Jaipur. It is a matter of pride that the city is hosting the event. As experts from various countries will attend the meet, we are hopeful that the issues related to industry will be discussed.

How do you envisage the role of government in the development of Jaipur’s gem and jewellery industry?
The present government is highly supportive towards our industry. The government is quick in solving the trade-related problems. We have already seen their promptness when it comes to GST.

What is your medium to long term outlook for the gem and jewellery industry?
If industry players adapt to the current market circumstances and seize opportunities, business should be much fruitful in the upcoming festive and wedding season. Moreover, the long-term outlook for jewellery is excellent too and that also gives us optimism for the future. Great designs with the right price points will play a major role in triggering purchase going forward. The industry should always keep the consumer at the centre. As Indian consumers evolve and adapt to new trends and technologies, the industry should evolve and adapt with the changing times.

How far the work of Gem Bourse in Jaipur has reached?
The Gem Bourse file is with the government for consideration.

How do you foresee the growth of Jaipur’s colourstone industry in the next five years?
Till now Jaipur is the only centre for colourstone jewellery in the country. In the next five year, Jaipur will become the hub for colourstone jewellery in the world.



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