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GSI hosts complimentary retail training seminar at BB Banthia Jewellers

GSI retail training seminar

GSI, one of the largest gemological organisations in the world, conducted a seminar on 4 C’s of diamonds and sales training with reputed jewellery retailer BB Banthia Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. The seminar was conducted at BB Banthia showroom on 4th March 2019, in Mumbai.

The session extended knowledge on the 4 C’s of diamonds; diamond certification and importance of laboratory certified diamond jewellery.

The participants were also given a detailed explanation on how to read a trusted and genuine certificate from a reputed laboratory to improve sales and also the credibility that a GSI report holds to the diamond.

As the diamond and diamond jewellery market has seen an entry of lab-grown diamonds recently, sales staff showed a great deal of interest in asking questions on how the lab-grown diamonds can be differentiated from the real ones.

The session concluded with additional information on jewellery cleaning tips

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