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‘Dipti-Amisha’ Going Global

Dipti has woven a story in Gold. A jewellery designer from Mumbai has adorned the rich and the gorgeous ladies of UK, USA, Malaysia, Japan and India for last 18 years.

Diptiben, an upper crust jewellery designer, says that her designs have stories to tell. Her unique styling and design have not only appealed to a discerning taste but have been in constant demand. Little wonder that someone who has made mark so quickly, winning accolades from bollywood actors, TV stars business tycoons for her creative work. Her collection presents a totally glamorous version for people who dare to dream. In a conversation with a Floroscent Magazine, she speaks about her journey, her inspirations, the philosophy and many more aspects of her business so far.

Armed with a Commerce degree from K.C. College and having a family inheritance of gems and jewellery business, her entering into jewellery designing was a natural progression. She remembers that “After marrying, I discovered that my husband had a huge collection of unused precious gems dumped into a safe. These odd lots were very valuable but were unexplored. With a goal to encash the value I attempted to design with these odd loads and succeeded brilliantly and commercially. This incident gave birth to the ‘Designer’ in me.” Dipti started her career in jewellery designing about 20 years back in Surat.

Within a short span, she has already making waves with her trade mark style – touch of the ancient Indian cultures along with the contemporary edge.  Eventually, she established her brand ‘Dipti-Amisha’ in Mumbai, in 2006. Each pieces are standout blend of ethnicity of the vintage Indian contemporary styles and the romanticism of the royal Victorian era, which gives you the legacy and extravagance of high end royalty and the splendor and magic of romance. Along with ideal combination of gold, white gold and diamonds, her collection has been fashioned with the enchanting beauty of emeralds, topaz, opal, ruby and pearls to give a vibrant and colorful break to the line.
When we asked her about the most important influence, she replied, “A drive to explore my art commercially influenced me to set up the label Dipti-Amisha. I am influenced by the glory of moghul era with the grandeur of british designs of monarchy. There is also a delicate touch of French era and ancient Indian cultures. As far as, translating them into pieces is concerened it is an art to create a piece with confluence of visualization, technology and balancing of all parameters. That’s why; almost all of my customers, on the first sight of the collection, says “it’s different”.”

According to her, the challenges of Indian women are inevitable and she cannot be an exception to it. An eagerness to work and a diehard attitude to take these challenges by its horns, it developed the quality of balancing work, family, society etc. After initial resistance and confrontation with her own self, she succeeded in achieving the balance and putting systems in place, which develop the quality of multi tasking in her. Diptiben state, “It is a tight rope walk and requires tremendous art of balancing to be a designer entrepreneur because, as a designer the imagination can go wild but as an entrepreneur I have to be practical.”

“With the expansion of the market, designer pieces are no longer a monopoly of the top strata of the society. But even an upper middle class and middle class are demanding exclusive designer pieces and hence, we designer will be pressed to create economical designer pieces,” she added further.

Describing Dipti-Amisha brand as “Going Global”, Diptiben says “Our vision statement is to see Dipti-Amisha going global in 10 years, but our team sees it happening much earlier. India, and its rich heritage of jewellery and art provides endless source of inspiration to cater Indian and International clients.” She carefully selects jewellery that can elevate from its valuable antique to truly invaluable composition. She believes that India history can be transformed into contemporary chic easily.

The Dipti-Amisha’s latest collection is a possession from a treasure box named “Khajana” and “Pattara”. She explains, “The collection is an Ancestral Indo Western fusion which gives beauty and glamour with an exclusive twist of elegance and innovation with my signature touch to it.”

Her other collections are a stunning blend of the glory of Mughal influences with the grandeur of British designs of monarchy. There is also a delicate touch of the French era and ancient Indian cultures along with the contemporary edge. These designs are mostly worn on Western formal attire. Her target audience is the universe, any individual who believes in individuality, uniqueness, and something different. Dipti stresses the importance of “being a conceptual artist, rather than just a creator of jewellery.

According to her, without the knowledge of manufacturing one cannot execute any design and hence, cannot become a basic jewellery designer. The philosophy that she has adopted is unique; yet on par with the current trends with the contemporary models that will compliment any India and western attires. On being asked about her idea of perfect happiness, Diptiben said, “A smile on my customers face when they receive compliments for my designs.”

Diptiben remains an enduring inspiration. She is  inspired by a biography of Mr. Oberoi, the founder of Oberoi group of hotels, who started his career in a small hotel in Shimla and went on to achieve his own international chain of hotels. His book inspired her to believe that no beginning is too small and no achievement is too big…..the sky is the limit. She exclaims, effusive in her praise of her husband she considers her friend, philosopher and guide. “The best piece of advice in my life has come from my husband who believes that designs, customers, sales, creation are of no use if it is not backed by financial literacy especially in the profession of gems and jewellery. My jewellery has been endorsed by Juhi Chawla, Sonal Chauhan, Aditi Rao, Smita Bansal,” Diptiben said.

All her achievements have been through intense hard work, in-depth research of taste, preferences and a sense of intuitiveness. Not many people know that she very religious. She has the honour of being awarded by Retail Jewellers for best designer in bridal jewellery and by GJEPC for best stall design at IIJS. In today’s’ hectic schedule use of modern management tools and being a gadget freak helps her in managing all aspects of life smoothly. “To exceed expectation is my success mantra” Diptiben said on being asked about her success mantra.




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