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DP Jewellers, Indore

Madhya Pradesh- A mystic blend of traditional designs and royal charms

Madhya Pradesh is predominantly a tribal state with Gond tribe being the ruler community. Even through the modernisation of 20th century, the tribal population here is still untouched by the mainstream India. Thanks…

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India embrace demi fine jewellery

Will India embrace demi fine jewellery?

Demi fine jewellery is a new rage in the international market. More and more women are warming up to this in-between of fashion and fine jewellery. However, it remains to be seen, if India is…

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financial power of diamonds

Unlocking the financial power of diamonds

It’s been only one year since the world’s first Diamond Futures Exchange began its operations in India and already it has started changing the rules of the game. If the trading…

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Richa Singh, Managing Director - India, The Diamond Producers Association

The Timeless Facts of Diamonds

Diamond’s splendor has been appreciated for centuries. The world-famous diamond, such as, the Great Mughal, Kohinoor, Regent, Florentine, Darya-i-Noor, Pigott, Tavernier, Nassak were produced in India. More than the aesthetic…

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Colombian emeralds forever evergreen


There are emeralds and then, there are Colombian emeralds. Women from all over the world, whether royalties, celebrities or working professionals, have a penchant for Colombian emeralds. Of late more…

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Online and offline jewellery businesses

Online and offline: blurring the difference

Online and offline jewellery businesses are a different ball game. But that does not mean the struggle to outdo each other is not fierce. From online stores introducing exciting features…

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Mira by Radhika Jain

The Unstoppable Rise of Fashion Jewellery

Of late, Indian fashion jewellery has become the toast of the town. Whether India or overseas, it has found takers across different markets. With that, domestic sales as well as…

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A Cultural Kaleidoscope of Karnataka

You cannot sum up India’s jewellery heritage without paying a special tribute to Karnataka. Keen to explore the diverse jewellery culture of India, Deepa Mishra this time turned south and unearthed some exquisite…

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Anju Jain- Floroscent Magazine

A mélange of colours

“Growing with stars in her eyes for colourful gemstones, Anju Jain, Creative Director, Exquisite Fine Jewellery, Jaipur seriously pursued a career that dealt with her inclination for sparkling hues and…

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In Pursuit Of Fine Designs

Pursuing his craft for well over 12 years, Aakash Barmecha, Creative Director and Jewellery Designer, Yoube Jewellery Ltd, Mumbai is a renowned name in the world of gems and jewellery. His…

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