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online jewellery retailers

Jewellers Go ‘Phygital’

Of late a number of online jewellery retailers have branched out into the traditional way, turning towards physical retail in order to gain a share of the Indian jewellery brick-and-mortar…

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Coloured Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds Craze Spikes

Outside the commercial market of white (colourless) diamonds, the popularity of coloured diamonds, which have natural pink, blue, yellow and other brilliant hues, has been on the rise globally. The…

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future trends in jewellery

DI 2019 traces future trends in jewellery

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) had organised ‘Design Inspirations ‘(DI 2019): Defining the Future of Jewellery Designs’ seminar on 11th February in Mumbai.  During the day-long event,…

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Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds Enter ‘Growth Phase’

As 2018 wrapped with the emergence of synthetics, a report by ABN AMRO has predicted that in 2019 and the years ahead lab-grown diamonds for jewellery will witness more growth…

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Decoding 2019 jewellery Trends

Decoding 2019 Jewellery Trends

Trends do not occur by chance. They are the product of careful calculations that takes place at every level of the gem and jewellery industry from forecasting and manufacturing to production….

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Gold Outperform in 2019

Will Gold Outperform in 2019?

A tumultuous global political environment, dollar swings and a consistent interest rate hikes has sent gold on quite a market ride in 2018. In the see-saw movement of gold prices,…

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Half-carat diamonds

Half-carat diamonds arrive in full force

Celebrating the newfound outlook of today’s women, Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group of Companies, has launched the ‘The Better Half Within’ campaign. The brand has launched a…

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IIJS 2018

IGJS-2018 touches on the gold industry pain points

High gold import duty, low credit exposure and excessive regulations on the gold sector are some of the pressing issues that were raised and debated during the 2nd India Gold…

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Diamond hunt gets deeper

Diamond Hunt Gets Deeper

The demand for diamonds and diamond jewellery is on the rise. But since few of the famous diamond mines across the globe will reportedly run out of diamond deposits in…

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DP Jewellers, Indore

Madhya Pradesh- A mystic blend of traditional designs and royal charms

Madhya Pradesh is predominantly a tribal state with Gond tribe being the ruler community. Even through the modernisation of 20th century, the tribal population here is still untouched by the mainstream India. Thanks…

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