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2018 Jewellery Trends Decoded

To keep us in knowledge about the design progress and most commercially dominant jewellery trends to hit in 2018, Floroscent gets in touch with some renowned jewellery designers and experts to get their forecast on the design trends, popular jewellery styles and major comebacks. Read on to know their predictions and brush up your fashion knowledge.

Trends come and go. The jewellery design world is always evolving. Some design trends fade away, others stay for years. Today we’ll spill the beans on which jewellery design trends will generate buzz this year.

What’s trending?

According to Radhika Jain, founder, MiRA by Radhika Jain the major jewellery trends to be seen in 2018 will include statement earrings, punk style jewellery, unisex jewellery and feminine jewellery.“Statement jewellery has always made a point to stand out in the crowd. A trendy pair of oversized earrings or a statement necklace can turn your otherwise boring outfit into an ultra-chic look. Punk style jewellery is for those feisty women who like to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’s back in style with a vengeance; bring jewellery pieces that are bold and truly chic. Also, unisex jewellery tends to include large pendants and watches, single earrings and leather and pearl necklaces. Femininity has never really gone out of style for the girly-girls and fashionistas of the world,” she explained.

For the brides

Highlighting some of the noteworthy jewellery trends in 2018, Chitwn D Malhotra, founder and lead designer, Dillano Jewels, said “This year the trends would include the novelty of palm cuffs and charm of chokers amongst the fashion connoisseurs. Chokers would be more popular amongst the brides especially the traditional polki and kundan. Palm cuffs are versatile and can be adorned with every style you want to flaunt.”


Return of pearls

For Leshna Shah, founder and creative head, Aurelle by Leshna Shah, 2018 will have so much to offer in terms of variety and design. “The trends in Indian jewellery have surprises, twists and turns – from the return of pearls to embracing three metal jewellery on just about everything. Ready to wear, versatile and light jewellery is trending in the Indian fashion scene. Pearls and sliced diamonds are being extensively used to create designs. Some of the jewellery trends that will really pick up in 2018 are statement neckpieces, ear dusters, artsy concept earrings, palm cuffs and ear cuffs,” she revealed.

Beside, statement rings, layered necklaces, statement earrings and diamond necklace, Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels, too sees pearl jewellery to be back in fashion this year. “Less is more definitely holds true these days. A short string of pearls gives a graceful look and perfectly suits Indian skin tones. Pearl earrings, necklaces set in gold and studded with diamonds gives a defined and chic look,” he informed.

He goes on to add, “Trends are a social process in which tastes and styles differ from person to person. People choose jewellery according to their choices and preferences be it kundan, temple jewellery, jadau, antique, filigree, meenakari jewellery, floral etc. According to us, jewellery trends keep on making comebacks and can’t be termed as out of market as every piece of jewellery is timeless,”

Innovations in platinum

Over the years the market for platinum jewellery has expanded and one can find can find a variety of options for shopping platinum jewellery. Rising consumer confidence in the metal is prompting manufacturers to bring new design innovation in platinum.

For Vijay Pokharna, director, Pure Platinum Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, 2018 will see more variations in the platinum jewellery designs.  “The consumer will get to see more fusions coming into the metal. Last year we introduced Swarovski stones in our platinum jewellery and it received fantastic reviews. Although the platinum couple bands command the top position in the overall category, the demand for other products including chains, pendants and bracelets mostly in the men’s range is picking up fast. Just like watches, I feel that couple chains and bracelets will find a good market too,” he shared.

He believes that the opportunities in platinum are immense, but there is a need to create the demand and market for it. “Our vision is to give common man access to the platinum jewellery. Every household in the country should have at least one platinum product. I see a lot of opportunities for platinum and by 2022 there will be a big market for platinum jewellery in India,” he predicted.

Going by the predictions, if a piece of jewellery reflects the trends, styles and categories for this year mentioned above, it will be well positioned and buyers should definitely take notice. To sum it up, it’s going to be year full of bright colours, flamboyant motifs and innovative styles that redefine the conventional ones, in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality.

Jewellery trends, styles and categories rule in 2018.

Wedding jewellery will be ostentatious, classic and on cleaner lines in 2018. The Villandi or flat cut diamonds will be very popular with large size emeralds. Moreover, classics will rule and the traditional jewels like armlets and tikkas will also have a market, this year. The colourstones in these jewels will be emeralds, rubies and pearls.

The regular jewellery of large size earrings, cocktail rings and thick bracelets will be popular as jewelled accessories for the cocktail parties and among the younger generation who will wear singular eye catching pieces. The jewellery will be stylish with vintage accents. Bright hues like corals will be popular as well.

In 2018, fashion jewellery will find a strong positioning in the market amongst fashionistas. It will be the perfect option to look stylish and will emerge as destination jewels.  Big size stones will do well as statement and aspirational pieces.

My collections in 2018

The year 2018 will see a new style of fine jewellery from our brand, which will be colour oriented but monochromatic in victorian styles – more as wearable like sautoirs, earrings and rings. The colour focus will be emeralds, sapphires and rubies in the classic look.  The stylish jewels will sport colours like corals and pink sapphires.

A collaborative collection comprising rings, earrings and brooches is also in the offering with high-end cuffs in specialised metals. In fashion jewellery, our new brand My Gemme is launching at Emporio in Delhi and it will be focusing on Swarovski crystals in a clear white collection, which will be popular as destination jewellery or jewels to enhance your wardrobe at a neat price.

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